MBA Concentrations

There is a lot involved in becoming a teacher in the United States today. You’ll have to prove yourself on a hundred different occasions and in a hundred different ways by the time you’re actually qualified to step into your own classroom. Just about every step in the process is vital to your vetting, ensuring Read More »

Earning a master’s degree in psychology can open up a whole world of career opportunities in a diverse array of industries. If you plan to become a practicing clinical psychologist, you’ll find that the licensing requirements call for earning a PhD… and a master’s degree is often one stop on the path to that terminal Read More »

Psychology is a broad field with a lot of different disciplines and specialty areas, and many more different ways to apply them. There is a lot you can do with a master’s degree in one of those disciplines, everything from becoming a school psychologist to becoming an expert in advanced smartphone user interfaces or social Read More »

dynThe field of project management has long been considered to be interesting and important. The Japanese seemed to have pioneered this area, focusing particularly on the manufacturing industry where they have implemented a range of project management techniques to increase productivity. While many organizations still praise these techniques and theories as being the best, it Read More »

The field of criminal justice describes institutions and practices of various elements of government. Its goal is to mitigate and deter crime, uphold social control, and/or sanction those who violate laws, imposing rehabilitation efforts and criminal penalties. Combining a study of criminal justice with business administration through the Criminal Justice MBA is a relatively new Read More »

A Computer Science MBA is a type of dual degree, which is the CS/MBA (Master of Science in Computer Science with MBA). The degree is designed for students who are interested in both leadership and technology, and it prepares them to become entrepreneurs or executives in these types of industry. Because the degree is a Read More »

If you enroll in a Healthcare Management MBA course, you will be embarking in a very interesting study with many potential career options. Healthcare management is becoming increasingly important, as changes in health care laws and provisions mean that the industry has to be managed in the same way as a business. Combining extensive knowledge Read More »

The Healthcare Informatics MBA degree is becoming an increasingly popular option for many students. It explores how technology and business intersect, with a particular focus on the healthcare industry, which is becoming increasingly reliant on information technology. The focus of the program is strongly on increasing the understanding of these elements, but equally so on Read More »

With big data becoming increasingly prominent in business and society as a whole, there is a huge demand for managers who are able to see big data, analyze it quickly, and instantly understand what the different implications are of having that amount of information. As a result, there is essentially a demand for those who Read More »

The field of environmental management is becoming increasingly popular. No longer reserved solely for environmentalists aiming to save the planet, businesses all over the world are becoming interested in it. One of the reasons for this is that consumers now look up to companies that demonstrate a commitment to sustainability and lowering their carbon footprint. Read More »

A lot of people who want to reach the graduate level often complete an MBA degree. This is because this particular degree helps them build expert knowledge and skills in business, while at the same gain a competitive edge over other job applicants. The MBA degree has been around for quite some time now, and Read More »

The field of operations management has to do with the business practices that ensure efficiency within an organization is as high as possible. Oftentimes, this is related directly to the process of converting labor and materials into services and consumable goods. By maximizing the efficiency of this process, profit is maximized as well. The field Read More »

The field of forensic accounting takes an interdisciplinary approach, using generally accepted accounting procedures in order to determine whether there are irregularities in financial statements. It also includes knowledge about private law, civil law, public policy, auditing, financial analysis, business, and economy. A forensic accountant is responsible for analyzing financial and business reports, and the Read More »

There is a huge and increasing demand for those who have an enhanced understanding of both business management and information technology (IT). IT professionals speak a language few others understand and, while those knowledge and skills are incredibly valuable, there is equally a need for people who can combine that jargon with strategic management. If Read More »

If you enroll in a Human Resources MBA program, you will learn about important concepts and strategies surrounding issues, such as business coaching, compensation management, benefits analysis, and corporate headhunting. Generally speaking, you will have to complete advanced level reports, assignments, internships, presentations, and group projects. Human resources, regardless of how much technology starts to Read More »

The Technology Management MBA is now offered at various schools across the country. It is a program designed to prepare students to take on positions of leadership within the field of technology. The specialization is usually for those who already work in this particular field but who want to further increase their knowledge and career Read More »

By having a graduate degree in hospitality management, you will be involved in ensuring the convenience and comfort of people all over the world. By having an MBA in this field, you will also be able to do this from a business management perspective. This is an advanced type of degree that increases your understanding Read More »

Supply chain management (SCM) is an integral part of commerce and it involves how goods and services flow, how raw materials are moved and stored, what the inventory of work in progress is, and how completed goods are transported from the point of origin to where they are eventually consumed. Completing a Supply Chain & Read More »

Thanks to the technological developments of recent years, organizations all over the world have been able to become more efficient and to expand their reach. However, it has also lead to new types of threats. As a result, there is now a demand for experts in the field of cyber security. This is defined as Read More »

Many business students now want things other than a six figure salary. Rather, they want to make a difference in the world as a whole. To do so, they aim to work for nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), nonprofit organizations, and social enterprises. To do this, they can complete a Non-Profit Management MBA degree, which enables them Read More »

With business becoming increasingly globalized, there is now a huge demand for people who understand the intricacies of management across different cultures, currencies, and socio-political-economic arenas. Businesses have to compete with others on an international scale, which has brought about some very unique challenges. This is why completing an International Business MBA can set the Read More »

The Information Systems MBA, also known as Management Information Systems (MIS) MBA, is one of the newest concentrations in the field of business administration and one that is proving to be very popular. With this program, you will gain an in-depth understanding of the various elements of business, including marketing, human resources, and finance, emphasizing Read More »

The Healthcare Administration MBA is one of the most popular MBA concentrations around. It equips students with the skills and knowledge they need to take on administrative, non-clinical roles within any healthcare setting, although most often in hospitals and large clinics. Generally speaking, completing this degree means you will have engaged in both theoretical classroom Read More »

The world now runs on big data, and the economy is based almost solely on information. Coming to grips with this and truly grasping its meaning require the skills and expertize of trained professionals. When you complete a Business Intelligence (BI) MBA, you will learn how to analyze big data and information, gaining important insights Read More »

If you decide to go for a Leadership Management MBA, you will be equipped with the skills and knowledge to improve cooperation and communication among staff. You can work in virtually any industry, taking on positions of supervision, leadership, and management. During your program, you will become an expert in interpersonal skills, which is required Read More »

The field of sports management is incredibly wide and varied, if you look at the business elements of professional, amateur, and semi-pro sports and athletics, but equally at those of recreation. Additionally, a sports management MBA will look at issues outside of traditional sports, such as accounting, marketing, business administration, and management. Because of this, Read More »

The field of global management looks at how businesses run their international operations. This includes finance, human resources, marketing, and sales. Global management is a very popular field of stud, due to the fact that the world, thanks to the internet, is becoming increasingly global in terms of its commerce and operations. Thanks to the Read More »

Information management (IM) is involved in virtually every element of any organization. It starts with acquiring information from a source or sources, determining who owns it and how it is distributed to the right people, and ultimately how it is archived or deleted. The field of IM is particularly interesting for those who have an Read More »

Although it may surprise you, employers who want someone with an MBA (Master in Business Administration) increasingly look for those who have an entrepreneurial concentration. As such, if you have completed an Entrepreneurship MBA, you have the opportunity to enter the workforce, or to start a company of your own. This is the type of Read More »

Earning an MBA in accounting will open doors to a multitude of exciting career prospects that will pay you very well for years to come. The economy is growing, and the tax and regulatory environment is growing more complex each year. For companies to continue to grow and prosper, they rely on skilled accountants and Read More »

The MBA degree was developed by Harvard some time ago, and it didn’t take long for other schools to pick up on it. Not just that, it soon started to be developed with specific concentrations, and the Finance MBA was one of the first concentrations made available. Interestingly, however, over the past few years, the Read More »