How to Get a Big Data Analytics MBA

With big data becoming increasingly prominent in business and society as a whole, there is a huge demand for managers who are able to see big data, analyze it quickly, and instantly understand what the different implications are of having that amount of information. As a result, there is essentially a demand for those who are both leaders and managers, as well as big data specialists. To ensure that this demand can be met, MBA programs with a Big Data Analytics concentration have been established. While the available programs with this specific focus remain available internationally only, it looks like national universities that currently offer Business Analytics concentrations, rather than Big Data Analytics, will soon follow suit. As more and more organizations are looking specifically for people with these skills and knowledge to take on strategic positions within their leadership teams, careers are now vast and varied.  Jump to 9+ Big Data Online MBA Programs for 2017.

Why Earn a Big Data Analytics MBA?

When studying towards a Big Data Analytics MBA, you will gain the knowledge and insight required about the importance of big data in the world of business, and how it helps organizations grow and transform. You will learn about the different market drivers and opportunities, the infrastructure that is required specific to your industry, and where investments in technology need to be made.

During your studies, you will work on a variety of case studies, enabling you to learn how to solve some of the most complex societal and business problems. These include gaining a better understanding of existing customer buying trends, while also predicting new ones. You will be able to collect and process competitive intelligence, optimize organizational design, work with brand managers to determine the success or failure of a marketing campaign, and improve retail sales, to name but a few things.

When completing a Big Data & Analytics MBA degree, you will be an expert in both strategy and marketing, with an in depth knowledge of how big data relates to those elements. You will be respected for your ability to:

• Resolve problems and issues within the business by using methodologies and solutions applicable to analytics
• Think in a more analytical manner
• Understand how to be a leader that is driven by facts
• Improve operations and develop new strategies using important and factual insights
• Use big data to increase the overall value of your business

There is a true revolution happening in the world of business, driven by data. This will come as no surprise to most people, but the reality is that the majority of businesses have only just started to understand just how huge a revolution this is, and how much value big data could have to them. They look for those who understand big data, but who also understand management and business concepts, being able to apply the strategies, skills, and knowledge of both fields to drive value.

When you complete this type of degree, you will have superior business acumen, and you will also be able to truly understand big data, using cutting edge technology and advanced analytics. You will be able to become a true decision maker, helping to improve performance across the board in whatever organization you work for. You will be respected for your ability to be a true catalyst for growth.

Admission Requirements

Schools are entitled to set their own admission requirements. However, for MBA programs, they are usually quite similar across the different educational establishments. Those required by IE, therefore, are representative of other programs:

• GMAT/GRE or other entrance exam
• TOEFL/IELTS or other language proficiency test for non-native English speakers
• Resume
• Two professional letters of recommendation
• Transcripts
• A bachelor’s degree in any field from an accredited university
• Proof of identification
• Interview

Curriculum and Courses

Just as schools can set their own admissions requirements, they can also set their own curriculum. This is why both school and programmatic accreditation is so important, as it guarantees you that the degree will meet certain respected educational standards that will be respected across the country, if not the world. The curriculum set by the University of Amsterdam, one of the international universities that collaborates closely with our own country, for instance by needing students to complete a working project in Silicone Valley, is representative of others. Their courses include:

• Big Data Strategy & Implementation
• Databases & SQL
• Statistics
• Consumer Behavior
• Econometrics
• Law & Ethics for Big Data
• Data Visualization
• Big Data Infrastructures & Technology
• Operations & Supply Chain Management
• Financial Accounting
• Systems Optimization
• Valuation
• Competitive Strategy
• Machine Learning
• Computational Linguistics
• Entrepreneurship
• Data Stewardship
• Corporate Finance
• Quantitative Marketing
• Leading People Strategically

Career Outcomes and Job Titles

With big data becoming increasingly important, there are many career opportunities available. The most popular options are:

• Business data analyst
• Big data solution architect
• Marketing analytics manager
• Data analytics business consultant
• Healthcare analytics manager
• Business intelligence analyst

Job Salary & Outlook

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) predicts that all Computer and Information Research Scientists earned an average annual salary of $110,620 per year as of May 2015. The BLS also predicts an 11% increase in demand for these professionals from 2014 to 2024, which is faster than the national average.

Scholarships and Grants

“Business Plan” Scholarship for Students with Disabilities, which is available to those who can demonstrate a documented disability. Students are required to complete an essay on a specific topic and can be awarded up to $1,000.

Boomer Esiason Foundation (BEF) General Academic Scholarship, which is available to those who have been diagnosed with cystic fibrosis. Applicants must demonstrate scholastic ability, financial need, character, leadership ability, and service to the community. The award ranges from $500 to $2,500.

Cathy L. Brock Memorial Scholarship, which is available to those who are a member of a minority group and are in the first or second year of a graduate degree program in specific subjects, including an MBA. The scholarship is to the value of $1,000.

DRK Attorneys Mental Health Scholarship, which is offered by a law firm with a personal interest in mental illnesses. Applicants must be under care of a mental health professional and have a diagnosis of mental illness. The scholarship is worth $1,000.

Bressmanlaw Traumatic Brain Injury Scholarship, which is available to students who have a documented brain injury. The scholarship is to the value of $1,000.

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