Why Earn an Information Management MBA? + Online Options

Information management (IM) is involved in virtually every element of any organization. It starts with acquiring information from a source or sources, determining who owns it and how it is distributed to the right people, and ultimately how it is archived or deleted. The field of IM is particularly interesting for those who have an interest in both computers and business, preparing them for various different information technology (IT) positions. The Information Management MBA integrates technology and business. Students are immersed in dealing with data, network creation, and building software. At the same time, they learn about the fundamentals of business.

Why Earn an Information Management MBA?

When you hold an Information Management MBA, you will be equipped to manage a range of different situations with regards to the IT requirements of a company, understanding how a business runs and how it can grow. You will become a major contributor to the company you work for, coming up with innovative and creative methods and ideas to improve IT performance overall.

The degree mainly ensures graduates have the detailed fundamental knowledge required to understand how a company’s IT system works. This includes for a large part the computer systems, which are now indispensable in not just professional but personal lives as well. With this MBA degree, you will also be more attuned to what can happen when information is transmitted, focusing on ethics and security in information systems.

Those who already have a technical background will find the Information Management MBA course to be particularly beneficial, because it will keep them up to date with new advancements, while also enhancing their existing skills and knowledge. These MBA programs are continuously updated to stay abreast with IT developments, which tend to move fast

The world now runs on information, and with an Information Management MBA, you will be able to understand what information is, and how it can be used to improve business outcomes. Through the MBA program, you will be a step ahead of others because you will have the skills to mold information based on organizational and managerial needs.

Another key element of this degree is the management of big data. With more globalized conglomerations, data is now coming in huge amounts and from multiple sources. This must not only be managed properly, but it must also be completely safe from outside attack and various forms of data breaches. Those mentioned are part of what you will learn in Information Management MBA, making you in very high demand in the workforce.

Admission Requirements

Every school has its own admission requirements when it comes to those wanting to partake in an Information Management MBA course. All MBA schools tend to have very competitive admission requirements. One example is offered by Clark University, which has requirements that are quite commonly seen across the board. They include:

• A personal statement on career goals and how the student plans to achieve them
• Professional letters of recommendation
• A full professional resume
• GMAT/GRE scores
• Proof of proficiency of English language for non-native speakers (TOEFL or IELTS)
• Transcripts of previous education

Curriculum and Courses

Just as admission requirements are different across each school, so is the curriculum. Being an MBA degree, however, you can expect to come across courses in management, marketing, accounting, and finance, as part of your MBA core. A good example is provided by the The University of Texas at Austin – McCombs School of Business, which includes the following courses in their curriculum, some of which are electives:

• Analysis of markets
• Business analytics and decision modeling
• Strategies for networked economy
• Data mining for business intelligence
• Social media analytics
• Managing innovation in a global company
• Managing complexity
• Information and knowledge management
• Strategic sourcing
• Operations practicum
• Pricing and revenue optimization
• Supply chain management
• Marketing analytics and information
• Scientific marketing analysis and implementation
• Marketing metrics
• Managerial and cost accounting

Career Outcomes and Job Titles

If you graduate from an Information Management MBA course, you will have the necessary technical skills to take on positions of management and administration with a focus on finding the strengths and weaknesses in the existing computer systems. This means you will work closely with IT staff in order to manage databases, run improvement projects, and perform supervisory work with the goal of writing strategies and implementing them through technology.

Common job titles for someone with an Information Management MBA are:

• Computer and information system manager
• IT project manager
• E-business manager
• Senior IT manager
• Logistics analyst

Job Salary & Outlook

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), Computer and Information Systems Managers were earning $131,600 per year at bachelor’s level as of May 2015. An MBA generally adds around $15,000 per year to a salary, which would mean Information Management MBA graduates earn an average of $146,600 per year. Additionally, the BLS has predicted 15% growth for the period of 2014 to 2024, which is much faster than the national average.

Scholarships and Grants

Golden Key International Honor Society: Graduate Scholar Award, which is a $1,000 award for students who are involved with the Golden Key. Students must demonstrate what their future career and academic goals are, and how reaching those goals can help them to change the future.

Infoparrot Scholarship of Academic Excellence, which is a $1,250 award for full time students who have been given an institutional identficiation card. Infoparrot makes the final decision on who the scholarship is awarded to, and no appeal will be possible.

AfterCollege Business Student Scholarship, which is open to students who are currently enrolled in any type of business degree. A minimum GPA of 3.0 is expected.

Association of Insurance Compliance Professionals, which offers three $1,500 awards for those who can demonstrate that they are focused on maintaining compliance with the various regulations within the insurance industry, which is a forever changing environment. Students must be enrolled in an accredited institution to which the scholarship will be paid directly.

QS Scholarship for Leadership, which offers a a $10,000 award to those who attend a QS World Grad School Tour Fair, where they can complete a QR Graduate Applicant Survey, which will be submitted to the school.

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