Top Picks: 20 Best Master’s in Psychology Programs with Zero Entrance Exam Requirements for 2024

Top Picks Masters psychology BadgeEarning a master’s degree in psychology can open up a whole world of career opportunities in a diverse array of industries. If you plan to become a practicing clinical psychologist, you’ll find that the licensing requirements call for earning a PhD… and a master’s degree is often one stop on the path to that terminal credential. Interested in working in high tech as a user design or experience expert? You’ll be looking for a psychology master’s in behavioral or social psychology. Want to work with kids as a counselor or school psychologist? A master’s in counseling or education psychology is in your future.

Like anybody starting to feel the pangs of self-imposed pressure that always seem to go hand in hand with the decision to go back to school, you’re looking for the straightest path possible into that degree program. And that’s going to mean side-stepping any unnecessary delays like entrance exams.

Many psychology master’s program in the U.S. today require the submission of entrance exam scores, either from the Graduate Record Exam (GRE) or less commonly the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT). Of course, these independent, third-party examinations cost money, an important consideration for any would-be grad student considering how they’re going to cover the cost of earning a degree. And with time being the one thing that’s in shorter supply than dollars for many working professionals going back to school, you also need to consider the hours that will go in to preparing for the exam.

That’s time you could be using to study psychology itself instead of some generic logic and general knowledge subjects. You want to get started now, not in a few months, and you’ve got the motivation and individual qualifications to stand out without some test score standing proxy for you.

It could also be argued that the real issue comes down to purpose more than convenience. Not only have studies shown that entrance exams aren’t an accurate predictor of student performance and outcomes, the latest information suggests they don’t even do a particularly good job of determining a prospective student’s readiness for graduate level material. That’s why more and more schools are looking at things other than exam scores during the admissions process, things like statements of intent, work history and professional references.

It’s only natural then that you would want a master’s program that has zero entrance exam requirements. As a student of psychology it’s only right that you would be a lot more concerned with getting started on the path to gaining a nuanced understanding of the human psyche than simply posting high entrance exam scores. So even though you’re perfectly happy to skip the GRE and GMAT, you’re not going to settle for second-best when it comes to your education.

And that’s exactly why we put in the hours to identify the very best psychology master’s programs in the country with no entrance exam requirements.

Identifying The Top Psychology Master’s Degrees with No Entrance Exams

With so many more substantive things to consider when looking at an applicant’s readiness for a grad program, you can be sure that just because a school doesn’t require an entrance exam it doesn’t mean they don’t have high standards, both in terms of the students they enroll and the quality of the curriculum and student experience they provide.

Schools with APA-Accredited Doctorates Are Home to Top Flight Master’s Degrees

Although there is no programmatic accreditation specific to master’s degrees in psychology, the APA (American Psychological Association) does accredit the PhD and PsyD programs that prepare professional psychologists. At the doctoral level, APA-accreditation is the baseline standard for programs designed to prepare graduates capable of entering the profession as full authority licensed psychologists.

But that baseline is a very high bar to clear for the schools of psychology offering these programs. So when these same schools offer a master’s degree, you can be sure it’s been put through similar paces to ensure the quality of every aspect of the education you’ll be getting. Given that the faculty, administration, curriculum, facilities and other resources are all part of the same department, it’s perhaps the best way to confirm the legitimacy and professionalism of the master’s program as well.

Each of the schools on this list clears that bar.

Experiential Learning Locks In Classroom Lessons

Practicum hours put you out on the street, working with real people in legitimate practice settings that help you cement the knowledge you found in the classroom with genuinely meaningful training. You want a school that delivers practicum options that are in line with your concentration and that offer a breadth of experiences that you could never find in the classroom. We note colleges with innovative practicum programs and many options for placement to give you the best shot possible at finding the perfect fit.

A Solid Reputation Results in Top Rankings

Many of the schools on our list are well-known in the field. Word gets around. We looked at reputation and the rankings from major private sources such as the International Business Times and U.S. News & World Report. When a school consistently ends up near the top of those lists, it’s no coincidence… they’re probably one of the top colleges in the country for psychology education.

History Is Destiny in Academia

There’s also a lot to be said for schools with a long history of success in psychological education. If a college has been in the business of teaching psychology for a long time, they’ve got a lot of institutional experience and expertise to draw on, and that translates to an exceptional education and an equally exceptional student experience.

Finding the Concentrations For Your Focus

Psychology is a vast field encompassing hundreds of different areas of expertise. There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all degree at the master’s level… you need to find a program that has a specialization that matches your personal interests and career plan.

We list the concentrations that each school offers, and we’ve made an effort to find the kind of depth and breadth you should demand… everything from bilingual school psychology to industrial/organizational psychology to research-specific degrees. Some of the specializations even have specializations!

Flexible and Online Classes Open Up Your Horizons

It’s a wonderful world we live in today, where you can learn about almost anything from almost anyone at almost any time of day in almost any place you can get internet service. Online classes are opening up in more and more fields and psychology is one of them.

For working professionals and anyone who simply has other priorities in their daily life besides sitting in a classroom, we’ve worked to include and note online and hybrid course options to make your life easier.

Credentials Can Be Important At All Levels of Psychology

Although you may not be heading all the way for a clinical psychology license, that doesn’t mean licensing will be entirely absent from your career. If you plan to become a counselor, social worker, school psychologist, or other professional caregiver, your degree can play an important part in state-level credentialing for those professions.

So schools that align their programs with those local requirements can get you out working in the field that much faster by making sure you graduate with all the boxes already checked.

Top Picks: The Best Psychology Master’s Programs with No Entrance Exams

Whether or not a school can truly be counted among the best is a fairly objective measure. But after years in the business of evaluating and recommending graduate programs, and dozens of hours invested in just assessing psychology master’s degrees in the process of putting together this list, we’re confident enough to stake our reputation on calling these ones the very best options out there that don’t require you to pass an entrance exam.

It’s the details that add up to make a program exceptional, and we left no stone unturned. We’re sure you’ll find the right program for you and your career right here on this list.

This list features programs that our editorial staff hand selected to present as top recommendations. We believe the many aspects of a program that come together to create an exceptional student experience can’t be reduced to numbers alone, so no formula was used to attempt to score or rank these programs. Instead, they represent our top picks based on a thoughtful review of the things we know mean the most to students. Each one of these programs offers something unique, and all come equally highly recommended. We stand behind the principal of editorial integrity and make these recommendations independently and without compensation.

Alliant International University (PR)
California School of Professional Psychology
San Diego, California

MA in Organizational Psychology (on-campus*, online)

*also offered at the Los Angeles campus

  • University boasts an extensive alumni network of more than 50,000
  • Smart scheduling system offers on-campus evening and weekend classes or a fully online format
  • Comprehensive curriculum features a semester-long practicum

Alliant International University has their finger on the pulse of applied psychology with their MA in Organizational Psychology, an in-depth study into one of the fastest-growing specialties in the field. Whether you’re looking to add to your current skillset or explore a new one, the MA in Organizational Psychology is the ideal fit for you, thanks to the program’s smart scheduling system that features night and weekend classes (offered at both the Los Angeles and San Diego campuses) designed to accommodate your busy schedule. Or, if geographical limitations or professional obligations prevent you from commuting to campus, a fully online option is also available, allowing you to study wherever and whenever it’s most convenient. In addition to a robust curriculum that features a blend of psychology and organizational theory and development courses, you’ll complete a practicum that takes you into the field for a truly well-rounded course of study. And if your sights are set on future doctoral study, this program is the ideal precursor to the university’s PhD in Organizational Psychology.

Springfield College (PR)
School of Arts, Sciences, and Professional Studies
Springfield, Massachusetts

MEd/MS in Psychology (on-campus)

  • Athletic Counseling
  • Industrial/Organizational Psychology
  • Student Personnel Administration in Higher Education


  • University recognized by U.S. News & World Report for its strong academic ratings
  • Flexible curriculum can be customized through your choice of concentration
  • Program follows the university’s Humanics philosophy – an educational approach that includes preparing students spiritually, physically and mentally for leadership in service to others

Springfield College’s MEd/MS in Psychology is anything but static, allowing emerging or practicing professionals like you to design a program that best fits your professional goals, thanks to a flexible curriculum that includes your choice of concentration in athletic counseling, I/O psychology, or student personnel administration in higher education. Springfield’s approach to psychology education, referred to as their ‘Humanics’ philosophy, has earned it significant praise, and for good reason. Programs here are structured to ensure students are educated in the spirit, mind, and body, thereby preparing them for leadership in service to others. With this philosophy in mind, students of the MEd/MS in Psychology are prepared to assume roles in a variety of fields or in scholarly study. It’s no wonder Springfield College has consistently been recognized by U.S. News & World Report for its strong academic ratings.

Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science (PR)
College of Health Professions
North Chicago, Illinois

MS in Psychology – Clinical Counseling (on-campus)

  • Superb, hands-on learning supported by the university’s state-of-the-art simulation and skills labs and clinical partners throughout the region
  • Program is fully customizable through your choice of electives
  • GRE required only for the research track

Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science’s MS in Psychology – Clinical Counseling, a generalist program that examines the study and treatment of abnormal behavior, is your ticket to an exciting career in clinical counseling. Unlike other programs that feature pre-designed concentrations or specializations, you’ll be able to customize your graduate course of study through your choice of electives, thereby allowing you to design a program that best suits your professional pursuits and personal goals. As a graduate of this program, you’ll also have the educational qualifications necessary to take the National Counselor Examination and apply for licensure as a Professional Counselor/Clinical Professional Counselor in Illinois. This program boasts a 96% first-time pass rate on the National Counselor Examination! Just a few of the other highlights of the MS in Psychology – Clinical Counseling include a small learning cohort for superb individual attention…a comprehensive curriculum that includes training in the identification and treatment of a variety of disorders…and outstanding support and guidance from a dedicated faculty advisor.

University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee (PU)
School of Education
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

MS in Educational Psychology (on-campus)

  • Clinical Mental Health Counseling
  • Educational Statistics and Measurement
  • Learning and Development
  • School Counseling
  • School Psychology


  • GRE required only for applicants with an undergraduate GPA of less than 3.0
  • Additional certification sequences available for school psychologists/counselors
  • Exciting opportunities for hands-on experiences in a variety of settings
  • University boasts an extensive alumni network of more than 185,000

The University of Wisconsin Milwaukee’s MS in Educational Psychology earns a top spot on our list for its superb offerings for program specialization. In addition to its comprehensive core curriculum, you’ll have the opportunity to explore an area of interest and engage in hands-on learning experiences in settings like mental health clinics, community agencies, business and industry, counseling centers, and more. As a student here, you’ll also be part of one of the nation’s top public universities, long known for its excellence in academics and research and its superb alumni network that totals more than 185,000 former students.

John F. Kennedy University (PR)
College of Psychology
Pleasant Hill, California

MA in Sports Psychology (on-campus, online, hybrid)

MA in Counseling Psychology (on-campus*, online, hybrid)

MA in Counseling Psychology – Holistic (on-campus)

  • Depth and Transpersonal Psychotherapy
  • Expressive Arts
  • Holistic Studies**
  • Somatic Psychology

*also offered at the San Jose campus

**offered only at the San Jose campus

  • Flexible course design and delivery suits learners with different needs and wants
  • MA in Psychology satisfies the requirements for the California Board of Behavioral Sciences exam
  • MA in Sports Psychology may also be completed as a dual MA/PsyD program

John F. Kennedy University’s psychology master’s programs offers everything you’d expect in a private university – and more! As a student of the MA in Sports Psychology, MA in Counseling Psychology or MA in Counseling Psychology – Holistic, you’ll enjoy outstanding access to a dedicated faculty who serve as much as mentors as they do as instructors. And because many of the faculty members here are also expert practitioners, you’ll glean unique and relevant insights into the field. The programs here boast the flexibility and convenience today’s grad students demand, including part-time and accelerated options; morning, evening, and weekend courses; and in-person, online, and/or hybrid course delivery. It’s this flexibility that allows students of John F. Kennedy University to reach their educational and personal goals, regardless of their geographical restrictions or professional obligations. Choose the MA in Counseling Psychology and you’ll satisfy the requirements and enjoy preparation for the California Board of Behavioral Sciences exam; choose the MA in Counseling Psychology – Holistic and you’ll dive deep into some of the most contemporary and forward-thinking topics in the field; or choose the MA in Sports Psychology and you’ll also have the opportunity to earn the PsyD in Sports Psychology alongside your master’s degree!

The Chicago School of Professional Psychology (PR)
Chicago, Illinois

MA in Psychology (on-campus)

MA in International Psychology (on-campus)

MA in Industrial and Organizational Psychology (also offered at the Washington D.C. campus) (on-campus)

MA in Forensic Psychology (also offered at the Washington D.C. campus) (on-campus)

MA in Counseling Psychology (also offered at the Washington D.C. campus) (on-campus)

MA in Clinical Psychology – Marital and Family Therapy (offered only at the Los Angeles campus) (on-campus)

  • Unique Engaged Practitioner Model of Education features outstanding, hands-on practicum, fieldwork, and service learning opportunities
  • Superb international and global service learning opportunities available through unique partnerships with more than 20 global partners

You’ll love the Chicago School of Professional Psychology’s Engaged Practitioner Model of Education as much as you do their superb selection of psychology master’s degree programs available at the Chicago, Washington D.C., and Los Angeles campuses. This unique philosophy of education ensures that your practical experiences are as rich and meaningful as the theory you learn in the classroom. In fact, fieldwork, practicum and service learning experiences among students here contribute more than 1.2 million hours each year. And experiences here extend beyond the U.S. to international and study abroad opportunities, thanks to unique partnerships with more than 20 global partners. Since 1979, the Chicago School has been a leader in the field of psychology education, producing the next generation of innovators, problem solvers, and change makers, and its current offerings in psychology graduate work continue this legacy of excellence.

Roosevelt University (PR)
College of Arts and Sciences
Chicago, Illinois

MA in Clinical Psychology (on-campus)

MA in Clinical Psychology – Counseling Practice (on-campus)

  • Outstanding opportunities for experiential learning through the university’s strong partnerships with more than 200 sites in the greater Chicago area
  • Exciting opportunities to participate in clubs and activities like the Graduate Research Association of Students in Psychology and engage in faculty-led research activities

Well-rounded and complete, Roosevelt University’s MA in Clinical Psychology features a broad foundation in psychological assessment, intervention, theory, and research designed to advance your career, expand your expertise, and prepare you for further doctoral-level study, if desired. And if you have aspirations of establishing yourself as a counselor, the MA in Clinical Psychology – Counseling Practice satisfies the educational requirements to become a Licensed Professional Counselor in Illinois. Choose Roosevelt for your psychology master’s degree and you’ll have access to a variety of activities designed to complement classroom theory, including participation in clubs and activities like the Graduate Research Association of Students in Psychology and participation in faculty-led research activities. Your clinical experiences at Roosevelt are sure to be just as meaningful as the theory you pick up in the classroom, thanks to the university’s strong partnerships with more than 200 sites in the greater Chicago area.

William James College (PR)
Organizational and Leadership Psychology Department
Newton, Massachusetts

MA in Organizational Psychology with an optional concentration in Talent Management (online, hybrid)

  • Program features convenient, online or blended six-week courses
  • Accelerated program can be completed in as little as 11 months
  • Online delivery features a unique blend of synchronous/asynchronous learning

During this time of unprecedented growth in automation and AI, a lot of attention is being paid to improving efficiencies and workplace safety. This has made industrial-organizational psychology one of the most relevant areas in applied psychology today. The William James College MA in Organizational Psychology provides emerging or current professionals like you with a solid course of graduate study that builds on the latest developments in the field, arming you with the tools and competencies necessary to effect positive changes in organizational management and human performance. This accelerated, 11-month program (or two-year, part-time program) features an optional concentration in Talent Management, along with a flexible design that includes either a 100% online option, or a format that combines online classes with Weekends-in-Residence. As a student of this program, you’ll be part of an close-knit cohort that fosters group learning. In addition to synchronous/asynchronous online lectures, discussions, and written assignments, you’ll complete an 80-hour field project for a truly well-rounded course of study.

Long Island University (PR)
Department of Counseling and School Psychology
Brooklyn, New York

MSEd in School Psychology with an optional specialization in Early Childhood and/or Bilingual (on-campus, online)

  • Optional coursework sequence in School Psychology and Applied Behavior Analysis (SPABA) available
  • Program satisfies the educational requirements for provisional certification as a school psychologist in New York
  • Excellent opportunities for fulfilling internships and practicums

Perfectly aligned with the National Association of School Psychologists (NASP) competencies, Long Island University’s MSEd in School Psychology will prepare you to work in today’s schools and for provisional certification as a school psychologist in New York. Choose this program and you’ll enjoy the opportunity to specialize your master’s degree by choosing one or both of the specializations in early childhood and bilingual or by completing the School Psychology and Applied Behavior Analysis (SPABA) coursework sequence. And because Long Island University places a strong emphasis on experiential learning, you’ll enjoy outstanding internship and practicum placements during your master’s program.

Pacific University (PR)
School of Graduate Study
Forest Grove, Oregon

Masters in Applied Psychological Science (on-campus)

  • Pacific University has been consistently ranked among the top regional universities in the West by U.S. News & World Report and is 22nd among the 141 schools on Forbes’ ‘America’s Top Colleges’ list
  • Program satisfies the educational requirements to become a Licensed Psychological Associate or Licensed Professional Counselor in Oregon
  • Partnerships with more than 70 practicum sites ensures a superb selection of internships

Pacific University’s Masters in Applied Psychological Science is a terminal master’s degree for aspiring clinical scientists interested in applying their insights within their local community. As a graduate of this program, you’ll be eligible to apply for licensure as a Licensed Psychological Associate or Licensed Professional Counselor in Oregon. Through a combination of small classes, personalized attention from instructors, and unmatched opportunities for field work experience, the Pacific University applied psychology master’s program will have you primed and ready to hit the ground running. But don’t just take our word for it; this school has been consistently ranked among the top regional universities in the West by U.S. News & World Report and is 22nd among the 141 schools on Forbes’ ‘America’s Top Colleges’ list.

Divine Mercy University (PR)
Institute for the Psychological Sciences
Sterling, Virginia

MS in Psychology (online)

  • Program features relevant, contemporary courses grounded in the Catholic-Christian teachings
  • Fully online course of study features no residency requirements

In the crowded psychology master’s degree category, Divine Mercy University’s MS in Psychology shines bright, thanks to its broad foundation that prepares students to apply psychological principles in a clinical setting immediately after graduation, or to transition to a doctoral program. This comprehensive course of study, which is grounded in the Catholic-Christian teachings yet shaped by modern psychology, features a 100% online format that allows adult learners like you to take in your course content at the time and place that best fits your schedule. Just a few of the relevant courses covered in the MS in Psychology include Helping People Flourish: A Catholic-Christian Approach to Psychology… Relationship and Intervention Skills Theory and Application… The Catholic-Christian Vision of the Person… and Personality, Individual Differences and Intelligence.

University of Maryland-College Park (PU)
College of Behavioral and Social Sciences
College Park, Maryland

Master of Professional Studies in Clinical Psychological Science (hybrid)

Master of Professional Studies in Industrial Organizational Psychology (hybrid)

  • Programs designed as cohorts that bring together like-minded students for the best in group learning
  • Unique blend of online and on-campus evening courses designed to suit working professionals

For working professionals, the psychology master’s degree offerings at the University of Maryland – College Park can’t be beat. Designed as cohorts that bring together like-minded adult learners looking to enter or advance in their respective fields, both the MPPS in Clinical Psychological Science and the MPPS in Industrial Organizational Psychology feature ten courses delivered over 15 months. Both are taught through a convenient blend of on-campus evening courses and pre-recorded online lectures, thereby allowing you to earn your master’s degree while you manage you professional and personal obligations.

Kent State University (PU)
College of Education, Health and Human Services
Kent, Ohio

MA in Educational Psychology (on-campus)

MEd in Educational Psychology (100% online)

  • Kent State is consistently ranked among the best universities in the nation by U.S. News & World Report
  • Outstanding opportunities for student engagement and study abroad experiences in the MA program
  • New MEd in Educational Psychology is offered 100% online for unmatched convenience and flexibility

Consistently ranked among the best universities in the nation by U.S. News & World Report, Kent State continues to offer outstanding graduate programs that impress. Featuring a unique blend of cognitive psychology, human development, and learning theory, Kent State University’s MA in Educational Psychology is a robust, research-oriented degree that prepares you for practice, research, or for further doctoral study through the school’s PhD program. The College of Education, Health and Human Services at Kent State has also just introduced the 100% online MEd in Educational Psychology as a less research-intensive and more practice-focused option for classroom teachers, and it even includes the option of adding a Gifted Education concentration specifically designed to prepare teachers capable of applying the principles of educational psychology to meet the unique needs of gifted learners.

Miami University (PU)
College of Education, Health and Society
Oxford, Ohio

MEd in Educational Psychology (on-campus)

  • Miami University recognized for outstanding academics by the Princeton Review and for its commitment to a liberal arts education by the Fiske Guide To Colleges 2019
  • Fully customizable course of study through your choice of electives

Miami University’s MEd in Educational Psychology is where developmental psychology, behavioral psychology, and cognitive psychology intersect, providing current and emerging professionals like you with an exciting course of study designed help you achieve your goals. This comprehensive program features a set of core courses, complemented by the course sequence that comprises your chosen specialty focus. With the guidance of a faculty mentor, you’ll customize a course of study that best aligns with your professional pursuits, and then you’ll round out your program with the completion of a research project focused on your area of interest. You’ll also have plenty of opportunities to learn outside the classroom by conducting research and participating in workshops.

University of Tennessee – Knoxville (PU)
College of Education, Health & Human Sciences
Knoxville, Tennessee

MS in Educational Psychology in Adult Education or Applied Educational Psychology (online)

  • Asynchronous learning environment features evening classes streamed to your computer
  • Options to specialize your program through your choice of concentrations

The University of Tennessee – Knoxville earns a top spot on our list for offering a distance learning option for psychology graduate students that’s done right. Choose the MS in Educational Psychology, which comes with your choice of a concentration in Adult Education or Applied Educational Psychology, and you’ll complete all courses through a unique, online delivery method that includes evening courses streamed directly to you no matter where you’re located. This synchronous online learning environment allows you to earn your master’s degree from a distance while you still enjoy an interactive, collaborative learning environment. And if you’re interested in further specializing your graduate course of study, UT – Knoxville offers graduate certificates in Evaluation, Statistics, and Measurement; Grief, Loss and Trauma; Online Teaching and Learning; and Qualitative Research Methods in Education.

Pace University (PR)
Dyson College of Arts and Sciences
New York, New York

MA in Psychology (on-campus)

  • Behavioral and Social Sciences Research
  • Global Psychology Research
  • Industrial and Organizational Psychology Research


  • Pace is ranked the ‘Best Private University in the Nation for Upward Economic Mobility of Students’ by International Business Times
  • Pace students enjoy one of the largest internship placement programs in the NYC area

Earning the International Business Times’ illustrious award for the ‘Best Private University in the Nation for Upward Economic Mobility of Students’ is no small feat. The Pace University MA in Psychology is a generalist course of study, but offers you the choice of three research tracks. Choose from Behavioral and Social Sciences Research, Global Psychology Research, or Industrial and Organizational Psychology Research and you’ll custom tailor your master’s degree to perfectly suit your professional goals. Whether you’re interested in further doctoral study or entering or advancing your career in human services, this NYC-based program has everything you need to succeed.

California Lutheran University (PR)
Graduate Programs
Oxnard, California

MS in Counseling Psychology – Marriage and Family Therapy (on-campus*)

  • Latino Counseling
  • Family Mediation
  • The Recovery Model
  • Attachment Theory
  • Psychological Trauma

*also offered at the Thousand Oaks/Westlake campus

  • Program offered on a full- or part-time basis
  • Cohort learning environment ensures the best in communication and collaborative learning
  • Superb clinical experiences through the school’s two on-site Community Counseling Centers

Offered part-time or full-time at the Thousand Oaks/Westlake Village or Oxnard campuses, and with optional concentrations in family mediation, attachment theory, psychological trauma, and more, the California Lutheran University MS in Counseling – MFT, is a clinically focused program that will prepare you to offer meaningful help to clients as they work to resolve marital challenges. As a student of this program you’ll have access to the university’s two on-site Community Counseling Centers, low-cost community counseling facilities where many students complete their practical placement. Choose the MA in Counseling – MFT and you’ll enjoy being part of a close-knit cohort  designed to enhance your educational experience.

Adelphi University (PR)
Derner School of Psychology
Garden City, New York

MA in General Psychology (on-campus)

  • Human Resource Management
  • Substance Abuse Counseling

MA in School Psychology (on-campus)

  • Bilingual School Psychology
  • Autism
  • Infant Mental Health


  • Long history of academic excellence: Adelphi was the country’s first university-based professional school of psychology
  • Options to customize your master’s degree through your choice of concentration or electives
  • Programs feature a close-knit learning environment and a faculty of experienced practitioners and scholars

As the country’s first university-based professional school of psychology, Adelphi University’s Gordon F. Derner School of Psychology has been producing the next generation of psychology professionals since 1972, and its current psychology master’s degree offerings continue this legacy of excellence. Choose the MA in School Psychology and you’ll enjoy small class sizes; a cohort-based format that’s taught by practicing school psychologists; opportunities for superb hands-on learning through the Social Training Center where you’ll provide psychotherapy services to those on the autism spectrum; and options to specialize in bilingual school psychology, autism, or infant mental health. Or, choose the MA in General Psychology and you’ll learn from an esteemed faculty with expertise in areas like psychotherapy, research methodology, trauma, and forensics; all while being able to customize your course of study through your choice of electives or concentrations in human resource management or substance abuse counseling.

University of Indianapolis (PU)
College of Applied Behavioral Sciences
Indianapolis, Indiana

MA in Psychology (on-campus)

  • General Psychology
  • Program Development and Evaluation
  • Research


  • University ranked as a Tier One Regional University by U.S. News & World Report
  • Superb support and guidance through the Graduate Psychology Association
  • Flexible program design features full- and part-time study and your choice of concentrations

The University of Indianapolis MA in Psychology is everything an impeccably structured psychology master’s program should be. Sure, it features a robust and comprehensive curriculum designed to prepare you for further doctoral study, but it’s also home to small class sizes that result in close communication with your peers and interaction with your instructors…an esteemed faculty of practitioners, many of whom have active clinical practices and current research programs…a host of established practicum sites…and an active Graduate Psychology Association that offers students the best in support and guidance. Choose the part-time or full-time format and select from one of three concentrations for a customized course of study that prepares you for success.

Adler University (PR)
Graduate Programs
Vancouver, BC

MA in Industrial & Organizational Psychology (online; a non-thesis option is also available on-campus in Vancouver, BC)

MA in Psychology: Specialization in Military Psychology (online)

MA in Applied Psychology (online)

MA and non-thesis Master’s in Counseling Psychology with optional concentration in School & Youth (on-campus in Vancouver, BC)

Non-thesis Master’s in Counseling Psychology in Art Therapy (on-campus in Vancouver, BC)

Adler is committed to preparing graduate students with a worldview that embraces equity, encouraging them to go forward with a personal commitment to advancing the causes of social justice. Nowhere is this more apparent than with the psychology programs Adler offers. This commitment can even be seen in the unique focus options available in School & Youth or Art Therapy for students of counseling psychology, as well as with the Military Psychology specialization. With master’s programs in Applied and I/O Psychology, Adler alumni even have unique opportunities to bring this perspective to industrial and other workplace settings. In the spirit of equal access and opportunity, Adler even offers a number of its psychology master’s programs online.