Why Earn a Leadership Management MBA? + Online Options

If you decide to go for a Leadership Management MBA, you will be equipped with the skills and knowledge to improve cooperation and communication among staff. You can work in virtually any industry, taking on positions of supervision, leadership, and management. During your program, you will become an expert in interpersonal skills, which is required in order to be an effective leader and manager. You will also be trained to be a critical thinking, to understand how organization goals develop, and to establish a new, strong, corporate culture.

Why Earn a Leadership Management MBA?

When you take part in a Leadership Management MBA program, you will receive a balanced, well rounded education in both business and management, while focusing on being a true leader. This means you also get training in areas, such as communication, sociology, and psychology. One of the best things about this degree is that, because it can be applicable to virtually any industry, schools tend to offer a very flexible curriculum, so you can turn it into a program that totally suits you.

Once completed, you will be ready to take on a role of senior management, supervising different departments in organizations and businesses. This allows for rapid career progress, even though the degree itself usually only takes about two years to complete. As such, the return on investment is very good as well.

There continues to be a debate on whether leadership skills can be taught, or whether people must be born with them. That said, most people who want to enroll in a Leadership Management MBA course have a natural affinity for leadership, and they use the course to further develop their existing skills. There is a real call for this because, since the financial crisis of 2007/2008, business management is under extreme scrutiny so that future poor management decisions with disastrous consequences can be avoided. Schools that offer Leadership Management MBA programs have led the way in terms of addressing and understanding these problems, and they have played a huge part in the redevelopment and redesign of the world of business. You, as a graduate, can be the one who actually implements that.

Admission Requirements

Every school has its own particular admission requirements. However, MBA programs all have very competitive admission criteria, so those required by the University of Pennsylvania – Wharton are comparable to those seen in most other schools. Their requirements are:

• An application form with personal details
• A detailing of all education obtained, from high school onwards, and including specific training courses
• Transcripts of all academic training
• A resume outlining all professional experience, including reasons for leaving past employment
• Details about family, including prior conviction information. This is important due to the corruption in management that contributed to the financial crash
• Essays
• Professional letters of recommendation
• GMAT/GRE scores
• TOEFL/IELTS if you are a non-native English speaker

Curriculum and Courses

Just as each school can set its own admission requirements, they can also set their own curriculum. That said, in order for a school to maintain its institutional and, if applicable, programmatic accreditation, their curriculum does have to meet certain specific standards. This means that, while schools may have different courses under different names, they will generally follow similar lines. Perhaps the best example is the curriculum of the Leadership Management MBA offered by the Harvard Business School, as this school regularly sets the standard for other schools. Their curriculum includes the subjects:

• Leadership and organizational behavior, or LEAD
• Leadership and corporate accountability
• Understanding of the firm as a total enterprise
• Authentic leadership development
• The Board of Directors and corporate governance
• How women succeed: leading effective careers and organizations
• Managing human capital: keeping hope alive in organizations
• Power and influence
• Leading social enterprise

Career Outcomes and Job Titles

As a Leadership Management MBA graduate, you will have a huge variety of positions available to you, as the degree is so broad and interdisciplinary. You will be prepared to take on a position of supervision and management at top executive and senior levels. These include positions in nonprofit organizations, government agencies, private corporations, and so on.

Some of the jobs taken on by those with a Leadership Management MBA include:

• Chief executive officer
• Vice president of operations
• Director of human resources
• General manager
• Executive director

These types of roles can be taken on in any type of organization. Hence, you will often see Leadership Management MBA degree holders in health care organizations, private businesses including Fortune 500 companies, nonprofit organizations aiming to improve the world, government agencies and departments, and more.

Job Salary & Outlook

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), all top executives earned $102,690 per year as of May 2015. They also predicted a growth in demand of 6% by 2024, which is as fast as the average.

Scholarships and Grants

National Center for American Indian Enterprise Development (NCAIED) Scholarships: For those who are majoring in a field relating to business on a full time basis. Those selected must attend the NCAIED Scholarship Awards Luncheon, or their award will be voided. Expenses, including national airfare, ground transportation, and lodging will be paid by NCAID.

DRK Attorneys Scholarship: For those who have mental health difficulties. The law firm commonly sees that the stigma associated with mental health problems is a significant barrier to accessing education and employment, which can result in them turning to crime. The scholarship aims to turn this around, showing them that another way is possible. Applicants must be enrolled in college or university, maintain a 3.0 GPA minimum, and must be willing to share their story with others, although this can be done anonymously if need be. Applicants are encouraged to submit an essay in order to be considered for the award, including an application form, copies of their transcripts, and proof of legal residency in this country. The winner will receive a $1,000 check, made payable to that person’s educational institution.

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