Online Doctor of Business Admin Degrees – 5+ No GMAT Options!

Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA)

Earning your doctorate of business administration, or DBA, is a good move if you want to move into the highest leadership positions in the business world. It also is a smart decision if you want to become an academic and be a business professor.

According to recent statistics, the supply of new business doctorates is actually less than the number of positions available at universities around the country. According to the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business, the demand for Ph.D.s in business schools around the country increased in the late 2000s, and the vacancy rates increased to almost 7%.

The shortage in faculty in many business programs has caused the salaries for professors of business to increase. In 2006, the typical nine month salary for an assistant professor was $89,000 in business management, and $117,000 for finance.

You should keep in mind that at the doctoral level, there are two types of degrees that you can earn: the Ph.D. and the DBA. The DBA has traditionally been considered in the past to be more geared towards the practice of business, while the Ph.D. was viewed to be more related to academia. However, in recent years, those lines have begun to blur. You should make sure that the doctoral business program you consider has the type of focus that you want, depending on your specific career goals.

Some of the recommended online DBA programs include these:

  • DBA: The Doctor of Business Administration: The DBA from Walden University is made for the experienced business professional who wants to take their expertise in business and utilize it in leadership roles in their company. This program stresses advanced decision making, leadership skills, and deep knowledge of theory and applied research. You will explore some of the most challenging problems in modern business, such as globalization, ethics, and properly managing stakeholders.
  • DBA: This fully online doctorate in business administration from Northcentral University provides you with the highest level of training for senior leadership positions. This program has a strong emphasis on research application as a way to solve organizational problems, and also creating and executing the most effective strategies that also are highly ethical. There are many specialties you can choose, including Financial Management, Health Care Administration, Human Resources Management, Advanced Accounting, Marketing, Organizational Leadership, Project Management and Public Administration.
  • Ph.D. in Business Administration: This doctoral degree, also offered by Northcentral University, allows you to gain the skills that meet all of the most demanding needs of the modern business world through proven methods, which include complete reflection on your personal professional experiences, and also using a review of classic and modern theory and research in business. You also can choose many specialties in this Ph.D. program, including Marketing, International Business, Management of Engineering and Technology, Criminal Justice and Computer and Information Security.
  • DBA: This online DBA from Argosy University is designed to boost your capabilities as an experienced business professional, and to enable you to meet the needs of modern businesses and academic organizations. This part time, online program has a curriculum that is focused intently on practical business concepts and active research, not just a theoretical approach to business problems. You can choose to focus your DBA studies on accounting or marketing.
  • DBA: This part time doctoral business program from George Fox University is designed for the business professional who wants to boost their career as a consultant, executive or business professional. You will gain great expertise in many disciplines of business, and there will be a strong focus on faith and ethics in your course instruction. You will complete classes in business, research and education, with the latter including a teaching practicum. You also will have the option of choosing a management or marketing concentration.