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There is a lot involved in becoming a teacher in the United States today. You’ll have to prove yourself on a hundred different occasions and in a hundred different ways by the time you’re actually qualified to step into your own classroom. Just about every step in the process is vital to your vetting, ensuring Read More »

Earning a master’s degree in psychology can open up a whole world of career opportunities in a diverse array of industries. If you plan to become a practicing clinical psychologist, you’ll find that the licensing requirements call for earning a PhD… and a master’s degree is often one stop on the path to that terminal Read More »

Psychology is a broad field with a lot of different disciplines and specialty areas, and many more different ways to apply them. There is a lot you can do with a master’s degree in one of those disciplines, everything from becoming a school psychologist to becoming an expert in advanced smartphone user interfaces or social Read More »

A master’s degree in public health is a must-have for anyone serious about a career in the field, and a pretty significant addition to the CV of many other professionals, including doctors, veterinarians, nurses, or government officials who operate in the highest echelons of the public health establishment. And like everyone else on that path, Read More »

If you are thinking of starting your own business, because you believe that you have an entrepreneurial spirit, then the MBA (Master of Business Administration) degree may be attractive to you. However, an MBA degree has an average price tag of $100,000, which means you are likely to saddle yourself with a significant debt. Some Read More »

An MBA degree is an expensive investment. On average, when all costs are taken into account and student financing is not taken into consideration, completing an MBA program costs $140,000. If you were to factor in lost income because of a career break, this price tag could be as high as $260,000. Getting an MBA, Read More »

A lot of business schools are now emphasizing diversity inside and outside of the classroom. The reason for this is very simple: diversity delivers a more enriched experience. As a result, schools now search for students who come from different ethnic, racial, academic, socio-economic, and professional backgrounds. Within an MBA program, it is known that Read More »

If you feel that your career has gone as far is it can go, yet you want to still get ahead, then you may want to consider enrolling in an MBA (Master of Business Administration) program. It seems that this is the degree that allows you to really earn the big bucks, and to change Read More »

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) is a well established and highly respected degree. It is so popular, in fact, that the degree has been developed to include various specific concentrations, allowing students to gain enhanced skills both in the field of business administration, and in their chosen area. For instance, the Risk Management MBA Read More »

Going to business school is often a pathway towards earning a promotion within an established company. Those who have completed an MBA program will likely attended a variety of networking and recruiting events, where firms aim to snap up the best graduates around. However, if people pursue an MBA because they have an interest in Read More »

If you are hoping to get into an MBA program, it is likely that there is one element that you are positively dreading: the interview. This part of the application process is so unpredictable, because you don’t know who will ask the questions and how, how you will feel, how they will feel, and so Read More »

If you are applying to MBA school, whether it is an online or on campus program, admissions can be daunting. Generally, MBA applicants have to navigate several obstacles to be admitted into their desired MBA program. These are application essays, GPA, letters of recommendation, work experience and in some cases, an in person interview. To Read More »

When you are applying for any type of MBA program, such as a no GMAT online MBA, there are several essential parts of your application package. One of them is to have a fully updated resume that details your work experience. This is importaant because many MBA programs require you to have at least two Read More »