Online BSN to MSN Programs Bridge – 10+ No GRE Options for RN’s!

Choosing a nursing career is one of the finest professional moves that you can make today. If you choose to enter nursing, you’ll always know that you will be well paid and in demand.

This is why many nursing professionals have chosen to enter a BSN to MSN bridge program so that they can earn their Master of Science in Nursing. There are now many nursing bridge programs available at many fine online and campus-based universities.

One of the biggest advantages of a BSN to MSN bridge program in nursing is that you can earn your bachelor’s and master’s degree at the same time. You can cut down significantly on the amount of education time that it takes you to earn both degrees in this type of program. You can save yourself at least a year and thousands of dollars.

To enter a BSN to MSN bridge program, you will need to be a registered nurse (RN) already and have a diploma in nursing, or an associate’s degree in nursing.

When you earn your MSN, you will have many fascinating and rewarding career options in the field. You will be able to eventually become a clinical nurse specialist, nurse practitioner, certified nurse midwife, and possibly a very well paid nurse anesthetist, after you have several more years of education. Professionals in all of these nursing fields are paid well, usually from $75,000 and higher.

Online BSN to MSN Degrees Without GRE Requirement

The recommended BSN to MSN online degree programs are as follows:

  • RN to BSN to MSN Bridge: At Chamberlain College of Nursing, you can take part in this RN to BSN to MSN bridge program and earn your Master of Science in Nursing. You will be able to finish your BSN degree while you are in the MSN program. You will take several MSN classes rather than two required courses for the BSN. You will find that the MSN classes are more focused and offer a higher difficulty of content than the BSN classes. Also, you are required to take part in a 100 clinical rotation that you complete in your own community.
  • BSN to MSN Track: You can earn your Master of Science in Nursing from Walden University in their BSN to MSN track. This program is designed for those who either have an associate’s degree or a BSN and want to earn their graduate degree. The number of credit hours that you will need to take will depend upon your level of education upon entering the program. If you do not have enough undergraduate credit hours when you enter the program, you will need to complete some general education requirements before you start on your MSN.
  • RN to BSN to MSN Program: With this RN to BSN to MSN program at Capella University, you will graduate with the abilities to assimilate the latest healthcare research, as well as the most advanced concepts of management and leadership. Also, you will have much advanced knowledge, technology and theories of advanced nursing practice at your fingertips. After you graduate, you will be well qualified to become a nurse manager, nurse specialist, nurse educator, chief nursing officer, clinical research consultant or a wellness program director.
  • BSN to MSN: At Thomas Jefferson University, you can earn your BSN and MSN at the same time, and do som in 27 months of full time study. This fully integrated curriculum will allow you to take your required bachelor’s and certain master’s courses at the same time. Also, if you are an RN with a degree in another field you can participate in this university’s accelerated pathway to the MSN for nurses with a second degree.
  • BSN to MSN Bridge: Jacksonville State University has a BSN to MSN bridge option that allows you to register for three hours of MSN coursework while you also are completing all of your requirements for your BSN degree. You will be able to complete your BSN and MSN with three fewer total hours than if you did them both separately. Most students are able to complete this accredited nursing program in about 28 months.
  • MSN to BSN: Earn your Master of Science in Nursing and your Bachelor of Science in Nursing at the same time at the University of Texas-Tyler. This program allows you to complete your BSN entirely online in about one year, and then you can complete your MSN online in about 18 months. Some of the challenging classes that you will take in this program include Pathophysiology of Acute Care, Health Assessment for Registered Nurses, and Nursing Theory.
  • BSN/MSN for RN’s: At the University of Akron, there is an MSN for RN option that is designed for the nursing professional who wants to further his or her graduate study and become a clinical nurse specialist, nurse practitioner, nurse anesthetist or a nurse administrator. In this accredited program, you will take classes that meet the requirements of the BSN degree and also the MSN degree.
  • RN to BSN to MSN Degree: The RN to BSN to MSN degree program at Thomas Edison State College is made for the accomplished nursing professional who wants to have a strong education but also wants to do most of the required coursework online. This program will prepare you to become a nurse educator, nurse administrator or a nursing informatics specialist. You only need to finish 27 more credit hours beyond your BSN to obtain your MSN degree.
  • RN to BSN to MSN Bridge: Are you interested in earning your MSN and you do not yet have a BSN? The RN to BSN to MSN bridge program at Robert Morris University is made just for you. This program recognizes that RNs that do not yet have a BSN still have very valuable contributions to make to the field of nursing. This program is entirely online and you can finish it in three years, part time.