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Online PhD Degree Programs No GRE or Dissertation – 25+ Options!

Earning your doctorate or Ph.D. is a strong career move – you will open doors to many exciting positions with excellent pay with your doctorate. Now, you can earn your doctorate online, and in many cases, with no GRE or dissertation requirements.

Check these recommended Ph.D. programs in psychology, counseling, social work, business, nursing, education, public health and more:

General Psychology

  • Ph.D. in Psychology: This doctorate degree from Walden University follows a scholar-practitioner model that encourages the student to integrate research into your practical experiences. This program is taught by highly respected practitioners and researchers. This program will equip you well to make a major difference in many psychology settings, from the university to the health care workplace. Note that if you have a bachelor’s degree you can apply for this doctoral program. Also, if you received your Master of Science from Walden, you can apply credits to your doctoral degree.
  • Ph.D. in Psychology: This doctoral program at Northcentral University is designed to the growing interest in the field of psychology, and also the need for more opportunities in the educational realm of psychology. You will be able to fine tune and hone your critical thinking abilities in this program, and to greatly expand your base of knowledge. There is a strong focus in this online degree program on applied experiential learning.
  • Ph.D. in Psychology: This doctorate degree from Walden University follows a scholar-practitioner model that encourages the student to integrate research into your practical experiences. This program is taught by highly respected practitioners and researchers. This program will equip you well to make a major difference in many psychology settings, from the university to the health care workplace. Note that if you have a bachelor’s degree you can apply for this doctoral program. Also, if you received your Master of Science from Walden, you can apply credits to your doctoral degree.
  • Ph.D. in Psychology: This doctoral program at Northcentral University is designed to the growing interest in the field of psychology, and also the need for more opportunities in the educational realm of psychology. You will be able to fine tune and hone your critical thinking abilities in this program, and to greatly expand your base of knowledge. There is a strong focus in this online degree program on applied experiential learning.
  • Ph.D. in Marriage and Family Therapy: The purpose of this program from Northcentral University is to give you a lot of personalization and flexibility in getting your PhD in a highly specialized field. You can complete all of your coursework online, and finish your clinical training and research in your community. This doctoral degree will prepare you to enter the very quickly growing field of marriage and family therapy.
  • Ph.D. in Health Psychology: The purpose of this Ph.D. from Northcentral University is to give you a deep understanding of all of the factors that influence psychology around issues of health and illness. Required classes in this doctoral program include Health Psychology, Research Methods, Psychosocial Factors in Health, Statistics, Behavioral Nutrition, Tests and Measurements, and Eating Disorders and Obesity.
  • Ph.D. in Mental Health Policy and Practice: In this doctoral degree from Northcentral University, you will have the chance to develop an edge in building both your organizational skills and your practice, to market your services in behavioral health. This very focused specialization includes many highly advanced concepts in training in modern behavioral health. You will take classes in Mental Health Services Policy, Research Methods, Mental Health Administration, Comparative Analysis, Evidence-Based Treatments, and Quantitative Research Design.


  • PhD in General Counselor Education and Supervision-General: Walden University teaches the general program to students interested in the large scale concept of improving the art of counseling. By instructing on how to use many differing research and qualitative studying techniques, the students learn how to better assess how the theories behind counseling apply to the real world practice of counseling. All of these skills will make them uniquely prepared to assume leadership or teaching positions to elevate the art behind proper counseling.
  • PhD in Counselor Education and Supervision-Consultation: This degree, offered at Walden University, is designed to improve consultation skills on the whole, in a way that can improve the way individuals function within their systems. A few of the classes that do this are: advanced counseling theories, professional consultation, program evaluation, and leadership, teaching in counselor education.
  • PhD in Counselor Education and Supervision-Trauma and Crisis: Walden University hopes to increase the number of people properly trained to handle future crisis/emergency situations. By studying the effects of crises due to national disasters or violence, the public can be better equipped to deal with those situations in the future. Courses involve the study of various researching techniques, as well as vicarious trauma and compassion fatigue, and crisis, trauma, and disaster response.
  • PhD in Counselor Education and Supervision-Counseling and Social Change: Walden University has provided this specialization to be able to develop advocates for the counseling profession. These advocates may work through government agencies, through their current employer, through educational opportunities with colleges and universities, to apply issues learned through the study of human behavior. This can help to shape public policy and opinion in a way that fosters positive social change.
  • PhD in Marriage and Family Therapy-Child and Adolescent Therapy: Northcentral University offers this degree for those interested in being practitioner to families with children. They would receive the most modern teachings that research and study have shown in this profession. This program will equip them with the tools to best address the dynamics going on in troubled families.
  • Doctor of Education in Counseling Psychology: Argosy University makes this online degree available to students that have already been working in counseling environments, but want to advance their ability to take leadership roles in the field of counseling psychology. In addition to leadership roles, successful graduates of this program often times return in a teaching capacity at an institute of higher learning.
  • Doctor of Education in Pastoral Community Counseling: This degree offered at Argosy University provides the teachings to students interested in becoming strong leaders in their religious communities. The coursework address both the educational side of counseling, but also works on developing strengths in leadership that can be put to action in the community to provide stronger growth and more responsible treatment of the people involved.
  • Doctor of Education in Counselor Education and Supervision:  Argosy University provides the opportunity for currently licensed counselors to advance their education to the doctorate level. This would advance their abilities by helping to teach them the skills to become a leader, either in supervising licensed counselors or by teaching counseling in an educational setting.
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Advanced Studies in Human Behavior: Capella University offers this degree as a very theoretical study of counseling and the research that has been done to explain it. They look to new studies and ways evaluate why people react as they do, and to take that information to improve the human condition. Coursework for this program includes child and adolescent studies, family in social context, eating disturbances, addictive behaviors, and advanced study in many types of research methods.
  • Doctor of Philosophy in  General Counselor Education and Supervision: Capella University aims for its students to become highly qualified to be pioneers in the counseling field after graduating with this degree. Combining online classes, residency, and clinical experiences, the program empowers them with the ability to better address how counseling can best address the issues of its clients. Equipped with extensive coursework in the research and statistical analysis of behaviors, they can better assess their success.
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Counseling: Liberty University offers this program to those interested in public practice, private practice, or to teach counseling courses at the college level. On beginning one’s studies, they must choose which path they are interested in specializing, either pastoral care and counseling or professional counseling.
  • PhD in Counseling:  Oregon State University prepares its students to re-enter the workforce as advanced counselors that can put the skills learned to practice. That can be assuming leadership roles in their current positions or to become educators in the workplace or in the educational setting. Coursework addresses assessments, group counseling, consultation, advanced theory and practice.
  • Doctor of Christian Counseling: The Christian Leadership University makes part of its broad Christian-based offerings for those who seek formal degrees to add to their skill in offering wisdom and advice to members of their congregations. Focus is on applying things to real world situations as they are learned through coursework. Helps to learn how to channel faith and religion-based ideals to the struggles and hardships that their members deal with.
  • PhD in Counselor Education and Practice: At Georgia State University, each student is required to select their specialization, and has many choices to pick from. College counseling, marriage counseling, therapy, and rehabilitation in a counseling setting, are a few. This curriculum takes an artistic view of counseling, and considers philosophically how the current practice of counseling works in fulfilling its duties to the clients.
  • PhD in Counseling Psychology: The Georgia State University intends this program to sharpen the skills of practicing counselors in order to become university professors or to lead departments of counseling in larger organizations. These skills can be used in working with clients of all ages, all walks of life, all income levels, by assessing the internal components making each person do what they do. Considering positives of each person, rather than focusing on negatives or undesirable behaviors is what separates a counseling psychology practitioner.

Social Work

  • Doctor of Social Work: This doctoral degree in social work from Capella University will prepare you to lead many types of social services programs, and you will learn the skills that you need to advocate for social justice and needed changes in public policy. This professional doctorate is designed around the latest social work education guidelines. It includes face to face learning, an intensive dissertation and a writing retreat that requires a great deal of participatory research.
  • Ph.D. in Human Services – Clinical Social Work: This doctoral degree from Walden University will allow you to advance your knowledge in social work theory, policy and practice. You will study the leadership skills that you need to fully design and implement strong policies that provide the most needed services to people in the most need of help. You will gain many valuable experiences as you conduct research from macro and micro perspectives in an attempt to inform you about the best practices in your profession. You can complete this program in about four years.


  • Doctor of Philosophy in Education: Capella University offers many PhD degrees in the education field to satisfy most prospective students’ interests. The specialization includes most of the standard offerings, plus a few that are less common: K-12 studies, postsecondary and adult education, nursing education, training and performance improvement, and special education leadership.
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Instructional Design for Online Learning: Designed to instruct current educators on the specific elements of online learning, this doctoral program at Capella University provides skills very currently in demand. All fields are expanding their learning functions to online learning formats, and this degree qualifies a graduate to bring a unique skill set to the field of online education. There are 120 credits needed for graduation, and there are a wide variety of courses available to choose from. The ability to design and implement online learning systems will come with this degree.
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Higher Education Administration: This University of Phoenix degree program strives to expand the research and analytical abilities of current educators to prepare them to lead effectively and bring about change to college-level educational systems. The required 65 semester credit hours includes online instruction takes an estimated 39 months to complete on average. They use online interactive classrooms in order to provide opportunities for students in the program to gain the type of communication and idea-sharing normally associated with a physical classroom learning environment.
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Education: Unique to the program at Walden University is the ability to customize the format of the coursework to match your preferred learning style. Course-based, KAM-based, and Mixed-Model options all provide paths to a completed PhD degree, while fitting in to your particular preferences. The course-based format includes online courses and feels like a traditional setting, with the structure of a regular classroom. The KAM (knowledge area module) varies in that it functions more as an independent study format, where faculty members will help guide your studies towards your dissertation. The mixed-model format combines some elements of each type into an online format.
  • Doctor of Education in Organizational Leadership: The degree program at Grand Canyon University gives the students several options for the environment within academia that they aspire to improve their skills in organizational leadership. Organizational development, behavioral health, K-12 leadership, and special education are all offered. One area that this curriculum differs from most others is that their dissertation begins from the very start of the program. Instead of saving the dissertation to the end of all coursework, the Grand Canyon University designs their studies so that the student is able to be thinking of their subject through all of the core and concentration courses, and can be developing and questioning the theories as they relate to that topic.
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Leadership: Using the skills of the current educators that enter the degree program and developing them into the educational leaders of the future is the main drive behind the program offered at Keiser University Graduate School. This online format degree requires 60 semester credit hours, and aims to equip their graduates with the tools to encourage their interests in bringing about real changes to the educational system.
  • Doctor of Education: Northcentral University provides an entirely online doctoral degree in education. They offer 13 specializations that will make it possible for most students to find the one that matches their personal aspirations in the field of education. Communication skills is a prime factor that there is substantial focus applied to. The culmination of the program rests on successful completion and defense of a dissertation, which incorporates the research study techniques developed through the degree program and the students area of interest.
  • Doctor of Education in Leadership: The Catholic tradition plays a role in the design of the degree offered at Creighton University The online degree uses those fundamental beliefs to form the basis for the development of the leadership skills of the students. Their coursework is taught by faculty from all fields in the school, providing an cross-discipline perspective that is unique to this program. The degree requires 60 semester hours of coursework and requires two on-campus visits, one at the start and one at the end.
  • Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership: This program at University of New England focuses on what they call “transformative leadership.” These skills are designed to work together to improve each educator’s ability to apply the classroom concepts to bringing about real change in their own educational environments. This program takes three years to complete, and is completely online.
  • Doctor of Education: NOVA Southeastern University and their Fischler School of Education offers a wide variety of specializations for their doctoral degree in education. They combine seminars of the core subject matter with the focus on their concentration which is developed through coursework as well as the research, writing, and defending of their dissertation. The online nature of the program increases the international diversity of the program, providing significant advantage to the students of the program. These viewpoints shared during class time will improve each student’s global perspective.
  • Doctor of EducationLiberty University provides an online degree program that requires 60 credit hours and includes some on-campus time related to your final dissertation. Two concentration choices are available, and each student must choose one of them: Educational Leadership or Curriculum and Instruction. Skills that are taught aim to combine a Christian perspective on forming the leaders for the education system of tomorrow.
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Studies: Preparing the future leaders of higher education is the goal of University of Nebraska. Their program touches on the many demands placed on educational leaders, especially considering social and monetary factors, in leadership dynamics. This program requires a minimum of 90 credit hours, including the time needed to complete a dissertation.
  • Doctor of Education:  The doctoral program at Northeastern University is focused on providing educators the skills to combine research techniques and practices in order to make changes in their own education system. Their programs include leadership in various types of educational environments, including Jewish education, and organizational leadership. Program includes a thesis project to demonstrate application of these skills to a current topic relevant to academia.


  • DBA: The Doctor of Business Administration from Walden University is made for the experienced business professional who wants to take their expertise in business and utilize it in leadership roles in their company. This program stresses advanced decision making, leadership skills, and deep knowledge of theory and applied research. You will explore some of the most challenging problems in modern business, such as globalization, ethics, and properly managing stakeholders.
  • DBA in Business Intelligence: This DBA from Capella University will prepare you to be an accomplished professional leader in business intelligence. You will have the opportunity to create an applied dissertation project that you will be able to utilize to make a strong contribution to your business organization. This curriculum, fully online, incorporates management of information technology, information science, quantitative analysis management science and decision science into one specialization.
  • DBA: This fully online doctorate in business administration from Northcentral University provides you with the highest level of training for senior leadership positions. This program has a strong emphasis on research application as a way to solve organizational problems, and also creating and executing the most effective strategies that also are highly ethical. There are many specialties you can choose, including Financial Management, Health Care Administration, Human Resources Management, Advanced Accounting, Marketing, Organizational Leadership, Project Management and Public Administration.
  • Ph.D. in Business Administration: This doctoral degree, also offered by Northcentral University, allows you to gain the skills that meet all of the most demanding needs of the modern business world through proven methods, which include complete reflection on your personal professional experiences, and also using a review of classic and modern theory and research in business. You also can choose many specialties in this Ph.D. program, including Marketing, International Business, Management of Engineering and Technology, Criminal Justice and Computer and Information Security.
  • DBA: The online DBA from the University of Liverpool is a professional degree that is made for senior working business professionals who want to grow their careers by bringing real workplace business challenges to the classroom and creating knowledge that is actionable. The innovative Critical Action Learning and Action Research approach of this program encourages you to develop doctoral type thinking and research skills across many management areas.
  • DBA: This degree from the University of Phoenix will help you to refine your skills of leadership in marketing, finance, legal issues and operations and put them into realistic practice. With this DBA, you will have the chance to go over topics that include creating justification for the restructuring of a business, and understanding operational and functional processes. You also will learn how to envision an effective strategy behind a successful business.
  • DBA: This online DBA from Argosy University is designed to boost your capabilities as an experienced business professional, and to enable you to meet the needs of modern businesses and academic organizations. This part time, online program has a curriculum that is focused intently on practical business concepts and active research, not just a theoretical approach to business problems. You can choose to focus your DBA studies on accounting or marketing.
  • DBA: This part time doctoral business program from George Fox University is designed for the business professional who wants to boost their career as a consultant, executive or business professional. You will gain great expertise in many disciplines of business, and there will be a strong focus on faith and ethics in your course instruction. You will complete classes in business, research and education, with the latter including a teaching practicum. You also will have the option of choosing a management or marketing concentration.
  • DBA: This online degree program from William Howard Taft University is a directed independent study program that stresses coursework in management and business leadership. You can finish this degree 100% online. Professionals with positions of mid and senior level management tend to find this doctoral degree desirable, as it focuses on both the theoretical and practical aspects of business operation.


  • DNP: You can prepare yourself to be a strong leader in nursing by earning your online DNP from Capella University. You will find that because the DNP is focused on making practical contributions to the field of nursing, you will be able to complete it faster than a research-focused Ph.D. This entirely online doctoral program focuses on administrative, organizational and systems leadership principles so that you will be ready to succeed in many positions of nursing leadership.
  • DNP: Build upon your expertise and knowledge to improve your nursing practice and to boost the delivery of vital healthcare services with this DNP degree from Walden University. This program covers healthcare advocacy and policy, quality improvement, evidence-based practice, information systems technology, and both organizational and systems leadership. Classes include Methods for Evidence-Based Practice, Best Practices in Nursing Specialties, Epidemiology and Population Health, and Theoretical and Scientific Foundations for Nursing.
  • DNP: The DNP program at Northeastern University has advanced classes in leadership, translation of research, population health, health policy and informatics. The goal of this program is to prepare the next highly qualified generation of nursing leaders with more expertise so that they can collaborate effectively with various partners and to provide better health care leadership to boost safety and quality.
  • DNP: The online DNP program at Nova Southeastern University will prepare you to excel in speciality practice or executive leadership. This program is designed for the professional with an MSN as a nurse practitioner, nurse midwife, nurse anesthetist or nurse manager. You will be prepared to lead in practical, clinically focused scholarship and evidence-based practice research. Most professionals can graduate from this online program in three years of full time study.
  • DNP: The online DNP program at Gonzaga University is designed for the nursing professional who has experience and expertise in advanced nursing specialty practice. This program requires you to complete 30 credit hours, and you can do most of your classwork online. You will need to visit the campus once in Spokane, WA for an orientation session, and there are two other optional on campus immersions.
  • DNP: The professional nursing preparation at the University of Massachusetts Amherst will provide you with the most advanced coursework in leadership, research and clinical knowledge. In this accredited program, you may focus your studies on either becoming a family nurse practitioner or a public health nurse leader. Required courses include Theoretical Components of Nursing Science, Healthcare Quality, Research Methodology in Nursing, Leadership of Public Health Systems and Health Disparities and Social Justice.
  • DNPChatham University offers a high quality DNP program that will ready you to practice as a nursing leader to promote the use of evidence-based practice in health care delivery systems. You will have an advanced skill set and competencies to function in many clinical and executive leadership roles. This online program consists of 27 credit hours that you can take in up to five semesters. You also will need to complete 500 clinical hours.
  • DNP: At Wilkes University, the goal of this DNP program is to produce the most competent, knowledgeable and proficient advanced practice nurses possible. The major elements of this online degree program are applied research and clinical practice. These two key elements are infused in all of the courses in the program. After you graduate, you can become a primary care nurse practitioner, a mental health nurse practitioner, a clinical nurse specialist or a nurse executive.
  • DNP: You can earn your Executive Leadership DNP from the University of San Francisco and do so entirely online. this program is designed to serve current nursing executives who have significant supervisory oversight of health services and functions. Most professionals will need four years to complete this online degree.

Public Health

  • Ph.D. in Public Health: With this doctoral degree in public health from Walden University, you will be able to explore proven strategies that can promote strong health changes for whole populations. You also can play an integral role in bettering the health of people in your community and around the world. If you have an MPH you will need to complete 82 credit hours. If you do not have an MPH, you need to complete about 110 credit hours. You can study either Community Health Education or Epidemiology.
  • Ph.D. in Public Health: You can increase your effectiveness as a leader in public health with this professional doctorate from Capella University. This is one of the few Ph.D. programs in this field that is focused on Health Advocacy and Leadership. This curriculum stresses theories of leadership, public health programs and the planning of effective policy, and the most common factors that contributes to disparities in public health.
  • Ph.D. in Public Health: The Doctor in Public Health from the University of North Carolina concentrates on health leadership. It will prepare mid-career public health professionals for a top position in an organization whose goal is to improve the public health of populations around the world. This is a three year, cohort-based curriculum that will prepare you to take leadership responsibilities in many communities, organizations and institutions.
  • Ph.D. in Public Health: At Emory University, you can obtain your doctoral degree in public health in the following areas: Biostatistics, Epidemiology, Environmental Health Sciences, Nutrition and Health Sciences, and Health Services Research and Policy. These highly regarded programs allow you to earn your doctorate degree online and to do so in about four years.
  • Ph.D. in Public Health: At Drexel University, you can earn your doctorate in Community Health and Prevention. It will prepare you for roles of leadership in education, research and practice. You also can earn your doctorate in biostatistics and health policy and social justice. All of these degrees are earned online and may be completed in five years of study.
  • Ph.D. in Public Health: You can earn your doctorate online in public health at Loma Linda University. This fully accredited program allows you to earn your Ph.D. in the following areas: Epidemiology, Health Education, Health Policy and Leadership, Nutrition and Preventive Care. You can take all of the classes you need to complete your degree online, and you may do so in about four years of full time study.