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Top No GRE Graduate Schools & Programs

MPP – Masters in Public Policy

MPA – Masters in Public Administration

  • Post University (Highly Recommended & 100% Online!) offers a completely online Master of Public Administration (MPA) Degree Program for public sector and non-for-profit professionals, as well as military personnel.  Through a careful mix of graduate-level public administration and business courses, you will develop the management, organizational and financial skills you need to take your career in government, non-profit, military or other public sector organizations to the next level.
  • University of North Carolina School of Government – (Highly Recommended & 100% Online!) The School of Government at UNC-Chapel Hill, the home of the MPA program, is the largest university-based local government training, advisory, and research organization in the United States. More than 100 faculty and staff members at the School work with public officials at all levels, as well as employees of nonprofit organizations, to address concerns of the public good. In 2012, US News & World Report ranked the UNC MPA program sixth nationally in the specialty area of city management and 23rd overall.
  • The University of Illinois at Springfield offers a Master’s of Public Administration (MPA) degree that strives to advance the public interest and civic engagement. Applicants are encouraged to submit their GRE exam scores but not required for either on-ground or online programs.
  • The Online MPA degree at University of San Francisco offers a NASPAA and WASC Accredited program with no GRE for qualified applicants. The the MPA program is ranked top 2% Nation’s Best Graduate Programs by U.S. News. Graduate in under 24 months.

MPH – Masters in Public Health

  • University of Liverpool – (Highly Recommended & 100% Online!) They offer 3 MPH Degree Programs, General Master of Public Health, Master of International Public Health & Master of Public Health Management of Health Systems. Each provides a firm foundation in the science and art of promoting health and preventing disease. Its multidisciplinary approach will enable you to put public health principles into practice in both research and practical contexts. The individual and teamwork skills you acquire will prepare you for a range of positions in a variety of public, NGO and international settings.
  • University of New England is one of the newest universities to take their Masters in Public Health MPH online. It is also available as a Campus option. Not only is it CEPH accredited, there is No GRE requirement.
  • The George Washington University School of Public Health and Health Services (SPHHS) is now offering MPH@GW, an online Master of Public Health (MPH). With classes developed and delivered by GW’s world-class faculty, MPH@GW features the same rigorous academics and selective admission criteria as on-campus MPH programs offered by SPHHS. CEPH Accredited.
  • MSPH – Masters of Science in Public Health at University of St. Thomas is more of an academic MPH rather than professional. Depending on experience a GRE may or may not be required.
  • Walden UniversityMaster of Public Health -General – By understanding the unique factors influencing public health, you’ll be able to use your increased knowledge and confidence to make a difference in your community. This practice–oriented online degree program will connect you with international faculty, as well as a worldwide community of peers who are dedicated to the promotion of health and prevention of illness. The Master of Public Health features a sequentially designed curriculum developed to provide the most collaborative learning experience while engaging you in foundational studies in areas such as epidemiology, biostatistics, health policy and administration, social and behavioral sciences, and environmental health.

Masters in Library & Information Science

  • Drexel University Online offers a masters in library & information science that does not require the GRE. GRE waiver review is automatic once final transcripts are received.

Masters in Teaching Online (MAT Degree, Master of Arts in Teaching) 

  • Michigan State University College of Education offers a masters in special education in The Department of Counseling, Educational Psycholoygy and Special Education department. The GRE is not required for admission into the program.
  • Kaplan University offers a MS in Education (for Existing Teachers Grades K-12 and MA in Teaching (for Aspiring Teachers Grades 5-12)
  • Master of Arts in Teaching: If you are passionate about teaching and want to have a successful teaching career, you should consider the MAT program from Walden University. This is an accelerated online master’s program that is made for those who have a bachelor’s degree and want to become a teacher. This program features virtual field experiences, school-based field experiences, assignments that provide you with classroom-based teaching experience, and an advanced curriculum that is based upon modern state and national industry standards.

Masters in Psychology Online

  • SMU (Southern Methodist University) Department of Psychology consists of nationally recognized faculty members with various research programs in a variety of areas. No GRE is not required.
  • The University of North Dakota offers a Master of Arts in Forensic Psychology program which is 100% online and requires NO GRE.

Masters in Accounting Online

  • Cleveland State University offers a Master of Accountancy program designed to prepare students for careers in business, auditing, government and public accounting. The program is fully accredited by the ACCSB International. No GRE is required.
  • FIU offers a Fast Track schedule Master of Accounting program with convenient schedules, locations and exposure to diverse professionals. AACSB accredited, NO GRE required.

Masters in Counseling Online

  • Seton Hall offers a 60 credit hour Master’s of Arts in Counseling that is specially designed for students who want to have a career as a professional mental health counselor. It also is appropriate for those who want to go on to earn their PhD. GRE scores may be waived depending upon work experience and academic record.
  • Wake Forest University has a Master of Arts in Counseling and a Master of Arts in Human Services that will train you to be a highly skilled counselor or a human service professional. GRE scores may be waived in some cases.

Masters in Education Online

  • University of Cincinnati features a highly ranked Masters Degree in Education that will help you to reach the next level in your education career. This university is one of the highest ranked when you consider the salary after you leave school, and your debt level. You do not need to take the GRE.
  • Wayland Baptist University has a solid Master of Education that has these specializations: instructional leadership, instructional technology, higher education, special education and educational administration. No GRE scores are needed.
  • University of New England features an online Master of Science in Education. You will explore leadership principles inside and outside the classroom. You also will learn about the different theories and types of instructional models, teaching strategies and how to create differentiation in the classroom. No GRE is required.

Masters in Social Work Online

  • University of Southern California is one of the first elite universities in the US to offer its Master of Social Work online. You will enjoy a highly stimulating academic program, and you will be able to collaborate with some of the top professors and students in the field of social work. The GRE may be waived by the department.
  • The online Master of Social Work Program at Boston University gives you a chance to earn a highly respected degree from an elite research university. You can focus on clinical social work practice in this two year program and become eligible for professional licensure. The GRE is not required if your GPA is over 3.0.

Masters in Forensic Psychology

  • The Chicago School of Psychology has a Master of Arts in Forensic Psychology that can really help to boost your career if you work in law enforcement, corrections, treatment facilities or other types of social services agencies. This is the only online master’s in forensics program in the Midwest. The GRE and GMAT is not required for the master’s program.
  • The Master of Arts in Forensic Psychology from the University of North Dakota is a 34 credit program that you can take almost entirely online. You do need to visit the campus once during the two year program. You will gain the most advanced knowledge available on advanced forensic psychological concepts. The GRE is not required for the master’s program.

Masters in School Counseling

  • The online Master of Education in School Counseling from Salem College will prepare you, the passionate educator, who wants to make a serious difference in the lives of students of all backgrounds. This is one of the best master of education programs in the state of North Carolina.You do not need GRE or GMAT scores to attend this university.

Masters in Informatics Online

  • The University of Illinois at Chicago is one of the top educators in the country for its health informatics program. Here you can earn your Master of Science in Health Informatics, with a particular focus on research. No GRE is required.
  • After you graduate with your Health Informatics Master’s Degree from Northeastern University, you will have an outstanding ability to communicate effectively with clinicians, administrators and IT professionals.You do not need GRE scores.

Masters in Criminal Justice Online

  • At the University of Cincinnati, you can earn your Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice. You can both work to improve the quality of the criminal justice system, and also elevate your career. With this degree, you can move your career in many desirable directions in criminal justice. There is no GRE score requirement.
  • Florida State University offers an online Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice that will increase your ability to advance into leadership positions in law enforcement, and also to be prepared to manage a business that is related to criminal justice, and possibly work in the field as a consultant. You do not need to take the GRE for admission.

Masters in Engineering Online

  • UCLA offers a strong, challenging Master of Science in Engineering degree that you can do entirely online. This program is designed for the highest quality engineers who cannot attend a regular campus master’s program.The GRE requirement can be waived if you have a strong GPA.

Masters in Hospitality Management Online

  • With your Master’s in Hospitality Management from Drexel University Online, you will learn the skills that you need to advance your career into higher positions in the hospitality industry. After you graduate, you will have excellent job possibilities both in the US and abroad. You do not need to take the GRE.
  • Northeastern University offers a Master of Science in Hospitality Administration. You will study the key areas of hospitality administration, such as finance, budgeting, corporate strategy and project management. You also will learn about legal and ethical problems, leadership, HR and sustainability. No GRE is required.

Masters in Human Resources Online

  • Villanova University has a highly acclaimed Master of Science in Human Resource Development. The curriculum includes HRT, organizational change management, benefits, compensation, employment law, organizational training and HR technology solutions. GRE scores are not required for most master’s programs.
  • Western Carolina University has a Master in Human Resources that will boost your knowledge of the true potential of all people in organizations. You will be prepared to work in many jobs in the HR field, such as HR manager, labor relations, and trainer. Your GRE scores may not affect your admission if you have other strong attributes.

Masters in Information Technology Online

  • You can earn your Master’s in Information Technology from California State University Fullerton, and you can become a qualified expert in Internet technologies, business intelligence and data communication. GRE scores are not critical for admission to this program.

Masters in Management Online

  • If you want to be a strong manager, you should consider earning your Master of Science in Management from the Catholic University of America. You will gain the knowledge that you need to be a good manager, skills that are highly valued. These include communication, decision making, strategy and project management.You do not need GRE scores for admission.

Masters in Business Online

  • If you want to earn a top quality MBA with no GRE requirement, you should consider Florida Tech University online. This program is highly rated by US News and World Report, and it offers many different MBA programs depending on your needs.
  • One of the best MBA programs online that does not require the GRE or GMAT is the MBA program from Purdue University. You will be able to earn your degree online and learn from some of the best faculty in the world.

Masters in Nursing Online

  • The online Master’s in Nursing from Sacred Heart University is a very challenging program that will help you to develop better clinical, administrative and education skills so that you can move into a management role in your health care setting. No GRE scores are required.
  • Walden University offers a strong MSN in Nursing. You will be able to collaborate with nurses from all over the country, and you will be able to learn from some of the best faculty in the US. All of the faculty at Walden University have their doctoral degrees. You do not need to take the GRE to attend.
  • Jacksonville University offers an MSN in Nursing that you can complete in about 2 years of work, all of it 100% online. You can work towards a degree focused on leadership in healthcare systems, or clinical nurse educator. No standardized test scores, such as GRE, are required.

Doctor of Social Work Online

  • If you want to be a leader of a social service program, you should consider earning your Doctor of Social Work from Capella University. This is one of the very few online doctoral programs in this field. You can take many classes online, but you do need to participate in several face to face learning experiences, and a one week dissertation retreat. This school does not require GRE scores.

Doctor of Psychology Online

  • At California Southern University, you can earn your Doctor of Psychology (PsyD), which will allow you to become licensed as a clinical psychologist in the state of California. This program finishes with a doctoral project that is focused on your most passionate topic area. Depending upon experience, you may not have to take the GRE exam.
  • John F. Kennedy University has an online Doctor of Psychology program that gives you the most extensive clinical training, and also has the most experienced and top quality faculty around. There is special attention paid to multicultural competence in this doctoral program. You do not need to take the GRE for this university.

Doctor of Public Health

  • University of St. Thomas also offers a Doctor of Public Health. Usual requirement for entry into this program is a MPH. Depending on experience a GRE may or may not be required.
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