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Twitter has a lot of potential in the arena of education. What was once thought to be a frivolous, narcissistic waste of time is now becoming a vital part in expanding research and discussion beyond the campus and onto an international platform. Students in the medical field can benefit in some significant ways from tapping into this resource. Whether your studies have you stumped, or you’re trying to figure out the next step in your career...
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MBA Salary Earnings Vary Widely, Depending on Caliber of Program

If you are thinking of applying for an online or regular MBA program, one of the reasons you probably are doing it is for the chance to earn a higher salary. According to the Wall Street Journal, many business school graduates can earn up to $133,000 after they graduate. This is a big increase from […]

MBA Programs Support Diversity Outside the Classroom

Some Mexicans choose to leave their home country and relocate to places such as Vancouver for their MBA studies. Many of them do this for two major reasons: the multiculturalism of the city and the high standard of living. Some of these students, who attend the University of British Columbia’s Sauder School of Business, go […]

Business Schools Serve As Incubators for Entrepreneurs

Most people know that starting up a business takes a lot of focus, passion, tenacity, ambition and risk taking. But being a successful entrepreneur also requires you to have a lot of business knowledge, funding and expertise in management. This is how business school can help you to become a successful entrepreneur. Starting a new […]

Tips to Master Your MBA Interview

One of the most unpredictable parts of the MBA application process is the interview. No matter how well you prepare, every interviewer is different, and different universities approach the interview in different ways. If you are attending an MBA school that does require an in person interview, there are some basic tips to follow that […]

Many MBA Programs Stressing ‘Soft Skills’

Many MBA graduates enter the business world and find out that they need to be able to deal with people effectively, give strong presentations and distill research and recommendations into ways that make sense to large groups of people. What these MBA grads find is that simply writing a report effectively is not enough. They […]

Mixed Outlook for MBA Hires for the Year

Job opportunities for those with an MBA were stronger in 2012, but the outlook in 2013 is going to depend on where you are looking for work, according to the Wall Street Journal. A recent survey of 3300 employers in 42 countries found that the demand for hiring for MBAs went up 16% last year […]

Which MBA Schools Are Really Worth the Money

Is an MBA really worth the time and money? This is what most business school applicants are going to ask themselves, sooner or later. In recent years, it is becoming much more popular to discuss if higher education degrees, such as master’s degrees, are worth their price. While it can seem logical that getting an […]

China Red Hot for Executive MBAs

In 1990, getting business management education was a dream for most people in China. Today, however, China is one of the hottest places in the country to get your executive MBA. At this time, five of the top 11 programs in the 2012 Financial Times executive MBA rankings are taught in China. Interestingly, more American […]

Why You Should Get An MBA To Start Your Own Business

Many people think these days that you do not need to get an MBA if you want to own your own business. The thinking is that you should spend the time not on going to school, but on building the business, developing contacts, finding funding and so on. In reality, getting an MBA is extremely […]

In India, Multiple MBA Entry Tests Force Students to Pay Big

In India, the Common Admission Test (CAT) is the most common entrance exam in the country. However, some schools in India still do not accept these CAT scores. This means that students have to sit for other tests, which takes a good deal of money and time. According to recent reports, only 124 colleges in […]

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